Dr. Deana Patson

Director of Curriculum and Instructional Technology


570-746-1600 x3010


My career with Wyalusing Area School District began in 1999 as a Business Education teacher and I continued my employment as a Library Media Specialist. I have served as the Director of Curriculum and Instructional Technology since the 2016/17 school year. I earned my Educational Doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership from Wilkes University in 2015. The focus of my dissertation research was Teacher Perceptions and Technological Pedigogical Knowledge in a Blended Learning Environment. 

Curriculum at Wyalusing Area School District is undergoing review, improvement, alignment, and revision.  Alignment to PA Core and Academic Standards is a priority in addition to providing a well-rounded education for all students.


PA Academic Standards

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Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Planning is a web-based framework for thoughtful data-driven and research-based district and school planning. Comprehensive Planning facilitates communication and collaboration, promotes shared practices and resources, and ensures that every stakeholder is working toward common goals. Additionally, Comprehensive Planning assists local education agencies (school districts, charter schools, area vocational technical schools/career and technical centers, and intermediate units) to create and manage a continuous, comprehensive plan to submit to the Department in order to maintain compliance with state and federal mandate.

Wyalusing Area School District Comprehensive Plans:

District Comprehensive Plan 2021-2024



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Curriculum, Instruction & Technology Board Committee


Richard Robinson

Tiffani Warner

Terry Cobb

Joseph McMahon (Chair)


Meeting dates

January 21, 2019  6 p.m.  Community Board Room

February 17, 2021 @ 5 p.m. Virtual meeting

April 7, 2021 @ 5 p.m. Virtual meeting

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Course Guide 2020-21

High School Guidance Office Course Guide

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English Language Development Program

English Language Development ELD is a required component of all language instruction educational programs. ELD takes place daily for ELs and is delivered by both ESL teachers and non-ESL teachers.

English language development instruction, otherwise known as English as a second language, delivered by a licensed ESL teacher is its own content area. ELD in this context is driven by language, but it draws from general education content as a vehicle for instruction in order to contextualize language learning. It must be codified in a dedicated and planned curriculum specifically designed to develop the English language proficiency of ELs so that they are able to use English in social and academic settings and access challenging academic standards. ELD instruction provides systematic, explicit, and sustained language instruction designed to prepare students for the general academic program by focusing, in meaningful and contextualized circumstances, on the academic language structures that underpin social and academic constructs. It can be taught as a stand-alone class or course but may also be embedded within other courses with the direct support of an ESL program specialist as appropriate based on the program design and needs of the students.

Our district's English Language Development Program